Maggie performs lots of comedy shows. She is currently touring her one woman show, Sex Witch: The Musical!, performs stand up and musical improv all over New York, and hosts Dear Diary: Comedians Read Their Weird Childhood Journals. See her shows below! For more information on a particular kind of show, click one of these links. 


Cold Blooded Witch: The Sex Musical

Stand Up Comedy

Musical Improv

Dear Diary 

1/22- Beauty Bar 8 pm 

           Hospitality Excluded at Under Saint Marks 9 pm 

1/24- Sex Witch The Musical! at Lilypad Inman in Cambridge 8 pm 

1/28- A Little Night Music at Easy Lover at 9 pm 

2/1-   Sleepover at Under Saint Marks at 10:30 pm 

2/4-   Friends and Lovers at 8 pm 

2/6-   Stoked Comedy at Mad Tropical at 8 pm 

          Apartment Show Hosted by Jessica Saul at 9 pm 

2/8-   Platform in Buschwick at 8 pm 

2/11- Sweet Nuthin Comedy at Sweet Janes at 8 pm 

2/14- Broadway Comedy Club at 7 pm 

            Dear Diary: Valentines Day Edition 9:30 pm at QED 

2/19- Grisly Pear at 12 am

2/21- Niagara Bar at 8 pm 

2/28- Time of the Month at the PIT at 10 pm 

3/11- Starliner Bar at 9 pm 

3/17- Pete's Candy Store at 7 pm