Reviews of Cold Blooded Witch: The Sex Musical! 

For Stand up at Talk Hard 

Authentic New Yorkers are a rare find. And we’re not talking “Wellll… Scarsdale, technically.” We’re talking genuine, born & raised, New York City New Yorkers. And this tall redheaded master of laughs is as real as they come. Which helps explain why her art is as as unique and captivating as she is. This gotham city gem has been splitting our sides at Talk Hard for the last few months. And much like the knowledge of the best pizza shop in NYC (you’d like to keep it to yourself, but it’s just too good not to share), the secret of one of the freshest new comic minds is out. Her name is Maggie Lalley, and she’s the hottest slice in town.


Michael Herman, The Outer Loop Blog, on Maggie's performance at Talk Hard 

The New York Times Arts Section

For Marie/ Animals in Flying Fables


"Under John-Martin Green’s direction the young ensemble — completed by Maggie Lalley, Serge Thony, Michael Anthony, Barron B. Bass and Chanel Jenkins — proves that talent works as well as elaborate costumes in changing humans into beasts. All the sniffing, nose twitching, one-legged hopping and screechy vocalizations had a recent audience of children delightedly giggling. They hadn’t entered a real subway, but they were definitely on a journey. "


- Laurel Graeber, The New York Times, on New Haarlem Arts Theater's Flying Fables.



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On Stage Blog

For Maria/Antonio in Twelfth Night


"The most fun, however, is being had by Maggie Lalley and Adam Wennick as Maria and Toby Belch, respectively. The two play together brilliantly and have a Scherbatsky/Stinson-esque chemistry between them." 


-Thomas Burns Scully, On Stage Blog on Modern Shakepeare Project's Twelfth Night.


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Pericles Review

For Cerimon/Lychorida in Pericles


"I was really impressed with the performance of Maggie Lalley as healer and priestess Cerimon and Marina’s nurse Lychorida. A recent graduate of the City College of New York, this young actress is thrilled to be a part of her favorite Shakespeare play ever."- Nancy Sasso Janis, on Hudson Shakespeare Company's "Pericles."


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